I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without knowing about this, because it’s almost as if someone stole a page right out of my life story.

Attributes and Characteristics of Being Highly Sensitive

  • Emotionally, Highly Sensitive People (HSP) are mainly seen as shy, introverted and socially…


1. They feel more deeply
One of the hallmark characteristics of highly sensitive people is the ability to feel more deeply than their less-sensitive peers.
2. They’re more emotionally reactive.
People who are highly sensitive will react more in a situation.
3. They’re probably used to hearing, “Don’t take things so personally” and “Why are you so sensitive?”
4. They prefer to exercise solo.
5. It takes longer for them to make decisions.
Highly sensitive people are more aware of subtleties and details that could make decisions harder to make.
6. And on that note, they are more upset if they make a “bad” or “wrong” decision.
7. They’re extremely detail-oriented.
8. Not all highly sensitive people are introverts.
9. They work well in team environments.
Because highly sensitive people are such deep thinkers, they make valuable workers and members of teams.
10. They’re more prone to anxiety or depression (but only if they’ve had a lot of past negative experiences).
11. That annoying sound is probably significantly more annoying to a highly sensitive person.
12. Violent movies are the worst.
Because highly sensitive people are so high in empathy and more easily overstimulated.
13. They cry more easily.
14. They have above-average manners.
Highly sensitive people are also highly conscientious people.
15. The effects of criticism are especially amplified in highly sensitive people.
16. Cubicles = good. Open-office plans = bad.